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    Nautilus Compact     79                                                   

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 Finally it's back! The top model in the Nautilus Compact series.

 The Nautilus Chrome is like a jewel on your motorcycle!

 Never before has an air horn been this god looking, strong and so  

 compact. Design and functionality in perfect harmony


 Now what is a Nautilus?

 It's the worlds smallest and strongest air horn and it's especially

 developed for motorcycles.

 On a bike you live in constant danger and sometimes you need to

 make yourself heard and with a normal motorcycle horn that you

 barely hear yourself it's difficult. The Nautilus produces 139dB

 and outperforms any stock horn ever made and it's even louder than

 most car horns. This horn is perfect when you enter a roundabout

 or intersection and you're not sure that the incoming car driver has

 noticed you or not. A push on the button and everyone knows you

 are there!

 The Nautilus is a simple and inexpensive safety equipment that

 actively increases you safety.


 The horn works immediatelly and has no delay like traditional horns.

 It uses 12V from the vehicles original cables and you use the stock

 button. A relay is included and is connected between the cables and

 the horn. See more here.


 The compressor and trumpets are mounted together in one compact

 unit and the entire horn is smaller that a CD envelope in hight/ width

 (but thicker!) and therefore perfect for narrow installations in

 vehicles with lack of space.

 The Nautilus withstands rain and washing but if you drive a lot on

 dusty gravel roads or a lot in rain a nozzle for the compressor air

 intake is included. Take a hose from the nozzle and draw it to a dryer

 place on the bike for extra protection. (See photo down below).


 Only the imagination limits where you can install this horn:

 on a motorcycle, car, snowmobile, farm machinery and so on.


 The Nautilus is road legal in the entire Eurozone and in the US.

 It is MOT approved and has E3 marking.


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Type: Two Tone Air Horn

Frequenzy: 530Hz and 680Hz (+-5%)

Mesurement: 129x119x85mm

Weight: 600grams

Voltage: 12V

Performance: 139dB at 10cm

                          115dB at 2m


Approved by: CEE-ECE (EU and US approved)

Endurance tested: 50 000 times on/off

Response time: about 0,09sec

Temperature spectrum: -30C to +80C

Guarantee: 6 months


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