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Quick delivery. 3-4 days

in the Eurozone!






For orders in Kronoberg delivery can be made to your door upon aggrement on Ducatiweather!




Note! Don´t send "thank you

 mails" every time the horn saves your life. There will be too many mails in my box!



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                                    Facts about paymentmethods:


BIC/IBAN: I will send you my banknumber for transfer.

  Transfer takes about 2 days. 



PayPal: I will send a payorder to your registered

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It's also possible to shop with a credit card without

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  Internetgiro is recommended. (Costs about 5% extra). 

  (slow but very secure, Sweden only)


Postförskott: Pay when you collect the parcel.

Your package is trackable with Kolli-ID/Inl. number.

The Swedish Post charges 60SEK per order

regardless of the size of the order.

(fast and secure, Sweden only)   





           Your order will be sent with the Swedish Post.      





International Customers:

Send Berup.com a mail if there are any questions!

We speak English, German, French and Italian.



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