Loudest motorcycle air horn in the world!


Made in Italy              



Incl. shipment and vat




Backside mountingpoint


                                                     Assembly instructions                                                                     

Stebel recommends vertical mounting with max. 25° tilt right/left and forwards/backwards.

Assembly of the horn in critical locations could make objects entering the compressor air intake (bugs, water, mud etc.)

If you drive offroad a hose for compressor air intake is recommended (Nozzle is included. Hose is available for example at spare part retailers

for about Ђ0,5/meter). Draw the hose to a better protected area like near the airfilter on your bike or behind the radiator in a car.

Use a 20A Fuse for 12V installations. 2,5mmІ cable directly on the battery is recommended.

The horns are strong and needs quite a bit of power!

Please check that there is room on your vehicle before ordering.


Tools you need when mounting: A plyer, a few screwdrivers and fixed wrenches.

Example of a wiring diagram:


                                                                          Here is a video from a customer!