Loudest motorcycle air horn in the world!


Made in Italy               

Assembly instructions







Do you also have an         electromechanical?      



Most motorcycles have one thing in common:

Electromechanical horns.

These horns have gone through a minute technical developement since they where invented in the Stone Age...

On a bike you are:


1. Small and insignificant.

2. Unprotected and endangered.


And thats why you need an air horn that really belongs

to a lorry to get everyones attention in traffic.


I have discovered that when Im out driving people

want to kill me. Some on purpouse, others by "misstake". Thats when you need a Stebel Nautilus!


Looked for a long time all over the World before I found this amazing product.


Bought a horn from a company in the U.K. and got so

impressed that I decided to start importing and selling these horns as a hobby.


Now the project has developed into a company and I buy the horns directly from the factory in Italy.

The company has after 4 years customers in 2 countries!

Berup.com has VAT Nr. SE670116275901.

The company is located in Vxj, Sweden.

Customer contact:

Phone: +46708-555 563

e-Mail: Bengt.rupnik@netatonce.net



Berup says NO to electromechanical horns!


More and more customers have discovered how good Stebel is.


Berup.com has now customers in 29 countries!


 Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Aland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands,

Romania, Spain, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand,

South Africa, Argentine, India, Canada and the USA!







                               Why Stebel Nautilus?



Replaces your old, barely audiable, sissy horn.

Ultra compact but amazingly powerful.

Important safety feature.

Slick and modern Italian design.

Loud horns saves lives!

Easy to install.

Versatile. Fits almost anything with 12V.

Talks a language all animals and tired commuters understands!



                              Don't take any risks: Honk more - Live longer...



                            Bengt Rupnik from Berup.com with a Ducati Monster S4R.


                    He's the one that's President, take your order, pack it and take the

                    bike to the postoffice with your package!